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Swedish Rally 1987

Added on 3 Dec 2018

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World Rally Championship 1987 - Round 2 - Sweden

Would the Swedish Rally continue the Lancia dominance established on the Monte Carlo? Or would Mazda come through to give the Japanese their first World Championship victory since Datsun took the honours 11 years earlier in Greece?

This video seeks and finds the answer as the 1987 breed of rally cars race through the newly-fallen snows.

Three new Lancia Group A Delta HF four-wheel drive cars had been entered; to be driven by 1986 champion Juha Kankkunen, Markku Alen and fast-riding Mikael Ericsson.

Against them were Mazdas in the hands of 1985 champion Timo Salonen and Ingvar Carlsson.

Other opposition was expected from Ford with Sierra 4x4s driven by former fighter pilot Kalle Grundel and the never-say-die Stig Blomqvist.

With the overall distances drastically cut to comply with new regulations, the Swedish proved to be one almighty sprint, and the cameras capture many tricky moments as the cars hurtle along the frozen lanes and even down a ski-slope!

The progress of Kenneth Ericsson in the 16-valve Volkswagen Golf GTI was to be marvelled at, as he threw the little saloon through the mountainous snow-banks at the very limit of performance.

Although the Group B rally cars have gone, the 1987 season is already proving that there's more than sheer excitement left in world rallying, as this film illustrates.


Episode titleSwedish Rally 1987
Episode number3
Date added3 December 2018
Original date14 February 1987
Run time45:57
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