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New Zealand Rally 1989

Added on 7 Mar 2019

Duke Classics - World Rally


The entry for the 1989 New Zealand Rally, round 7 of the World rally series was a little thin with the absence of the major factory teams, Lancia and Toyota. But this did not detract in any way of what turned out to be an action-packed and eventful rally held mostly on spectacular gravel stages. As usual Videovision were there to capture the action set in some of the finest and scenic pictures of the year on the rally calendar. The Sierra Cosworths were making their debut at this venue. Driven by British Open Champion Jimmy McRae and son Colin –the latter proved to be a sensation in his first Group A world championship rally, the 2-wheel drive Cosworths were spectacular especially on the gravel and this was sure to make life exciting for the McRaes. The British were certainly in force with Malcolm Wilson driving a 2WD Vauxhall Astra GTE who gave the British something to cheer about with a superb performance. Stiff competition was also provided by the Mazda 323 4WD machines of Ingvar Carlsson and local hero Rod Miller - their 4WD machines were expected to do well on the non-tarmac surfaces in the mountainous terrain. This was a far cry from what Saaed Al Hajri was normally used to. Entered in another Ford Sierra, how was the Middle Eastern Champion going to cope with this his first rally outside the desert for some years?


Episode titleNew Zealand Rally 1989
Episode number53
Date added7 March 2019
Original date18 July 1989
Run time50:41
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