The Novitec 812 GTS N-Largo is BONKERS V12 PERFECTION!

Added on 13 Sept 2021

Supercar Test Drives


This is the Novitec 812 GTS N-Largo, one of the wildest supercars ever! Limited to just 18 units, the N-Largo is wider, meaner, louder and absolutely bonkers. Let's check out the modifications, go for a first drive, and experience the best sounding V12 ever!

Novitec's famous N-Largo packages transform the cars with a very distinct style, in this case to the Ferrari 812 GTS; the convertible version of the 812 Superfast. Having released the limited run of 18 units of the 812 Superfast N-Largo, it makes sense now that the limited run of 18 units of the 812 GTS N-Largo follow suit.

It wears a body that is 7cms wider at the front, and a whopping 14cms wider at the rear, consisting of new bumpers, fenders and more parts. It's riding on new springs and wearing large 21"/22" wheels, and features a bespoke exhaust system to match the looks. With sports cats and a new set up, it allows the Ferrari's 6.5 litre NA V12 to absolutely scream away, with a shift sound unlike any other!

Not only that, but where the standard car would make 800PS and 718Nm, in this case it makes 840PS and 751Nm, helping it to have a 0-100km/h (62mph) time of 2.8s and a top speed of 345km/h (214mph).

After a thunderous cold start in the showroom at Novitec, let's get this particular Rosso Mugello example out into the sunshine for a full walkaround before the roads are calling and the V12 orchestra can commence!


Episode titleThe Novitec 812 GTS N-Largo is BONKERS V12 PERFECTION!
Episode number1
Date added13 September 2021
Original date12 September 2021
Run time19:54


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