RIGHT CHOICE!? Nurburgring in My AMG GT R Roadster with New Seats Installed

Added on 13 Sept 2021

The Shmeemobiles


The seat upgrade for my AMG GT R Roadster is now complete! The new racing buckets have been installed at Opus and the result is perfect. What could be better though, than an immediate outing for a few laps at the Nürburgring Nordschleife!

Before I even ordered the GT R Roadster, I'd already planned to swap out the standard AMG Performance Seats for a set of the buckets like you find in the GT R Coupe, Pro, Black Series and more but were not an option for the Roadster. I then bought these seats when I took delivery almost a year ago, and Opus upgraded them to include heating as well, but with travel restrictions and scheduling clashes it has taken until now for us to get them installed. However, they are now in, and look perfect!

Seats in a car are a very personal thing and I have always found the AMG bucket to be absolutely perfect for me - I would have it in every single car if I could. The process has sacrificed seat cooling and the Airscarf, however these are not things I regularly use and the comfort benefits, while also taking 30kg out of the car between the two seats, more than enough justifies the change.

Opus have carried out the work which is not so simple due to involving some ECU reprogramming, as well as fitting an exhaust valve controller at the same time. The original seats will eventually find their way to the Shmuseum where they will be attached to a custom frame of sorts to make them usable going forward.

First up though, a compulsory visit to the Nürburgring and some laps during Touristenfahrten. My only previous outing with the AMG GT R Roadster was unfortunately when it had an active aero issue which limited the top speed to 200km/h (124mph) - normally no issue, but a huge problem at the Ring. This time however, it's good to go, and wow is it impressive!


Episode titleRIGHT CHOICE!? Nurburgring in My AMG GT R Roadster with New Seats Installed
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Date added13 September 2021
Original date12 September 2021
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