REUNITED with My Shelby GT500 in Miami! NEXT USA PLANS

Added on 10 Aug 2021

The Shmeemobiles


I'm back in the United States and reunited with my Shelby GT500! It's a short stop in Miami before heading to Car Week and some crazy things ahead in California, but for the meantime, I'm going straight out for a drive in the American Shmeemobile. What a beast!

Having parked the beastly Ford Mustang up about 4 months ago in Miami, it's great to get back behind the wheel for a first drive in quite some time. With some errands to run, it's the perfect opportunity to run you through some of the plans ahead for Monterey, San Francisco, Los Angeles and back to Miami during this last minute trip to the USA. Earlier in the year I covered over 7,000 miles with it on a coast to coast adventure; taking in test drives, collection visits, track days, drag races, a top speed run, and so much more.


Episode titleREUNITED with My Shelby GT500 in Miami! NEXT USA PLANS
Episode number1
Date added10 August 2021
Original date9 August 2021
Run time18:35


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