PAINTING My AMG GT Black Series! Transformation to Solarbeam

Added on 18 Sept 2021

The Shmeemobiles


Join me to see my AMG GT Black Series being painted and changing colour to Solarbeam! Since dropping it off for the respray, most of the parts have already transformed, but now we can see the stages on the main body for the triple layer colour.

I always intended to order my AMG GT Black Series in the distinct AMG Solarbeam that had been the launch colour for the C63 Black Series and SLS Black Series, however when the order books opened for the GT BS it was no longer an option. In the UK we could only choose from 8 standard colours (10 in some regions) and now available one-off options made publicly available; only for select VIP/AMG ONE customers. Not only that, but AMG recently took Solarbeam off the options list for all other models so no option to order it directly this way.

As such, I brought the car to Chartwell; who did the repairs to my McLaren Senna 2 years ago, and last year resprayed my SLS Black Series into Mystic Blue. It's a lengthy process to do everything correctly, but having last visited it and seen the car dismantled, this time around a large chunk of the body panels have already been painted. However, this gave a perfect opportunity to see the main body itself go through the process and change colour to yellow.

We've also managed to solve the V8 badges question, having wondered about changing the red outlines to a gloss black to better match the car. Now all that's going to be left is sourcing the new parts needed (badges and one-time use brackets/seals) and then everything being reassembled, so hopefully 3 weeks or so before it can go to Topaz for PPF.


Episode titlePAINTING My AMG GT Black Series! Transformation to Solarbeam
Episode number1
Date added18 September 2021
Original date17 September 2021
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