New TESLA PLAID! My First Drive and Fastest 1/4 Mile Drag Races

Added on 26 Aug 2021

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Nothing could prepare me for some 1/4 mile runs in @DragTimes new Tesla Model S Plaid! After a first drive on the road, testing some of the technology features, it's then off to PBIR for some flat launches and quickly breaking my own drag strip record in the process!

The game is changing, EVs are smashing records and not long ago, the Model S Plaid took it before the almighty Rimac Nevera recently dropped the benchmark down into the 8s. The Model S Plaid has recently started deliveries, offering the absolute top of the line Tesla performance as we can quickly discover.

Brooks from @DragTimes naturally upgraded to the Plaid, and has had it straight over to the drag strip to get those records set, getting it down into the low 9s. However, today it's my turn to give it a go; starting from the garage and then heading over for a first drive to get an understanding of the yoke (steering wheel replacement) and some of the fabulous features it offers. Being an EV, prior to arrival at Palm Beach International Raceway, a quick diversion takes us over to the Supercharger for a top off, and a discovery that it can sound like a Hellcat if you like.

However, it's then time to put it to the test, and get the Plaid through the motions to engage Cheetah Stance and have it all ready for a flat out launch on the prepped drag strip. This is where it's quite frankly astonishing; the GT500 repeatedly hits into the high 10s, around 10.95s, and that's a fairly high performing 760hp car, but the Model S Plaid has no problem breaking into the low 9s, with Brooks setting a 9.26s from high charge and then my run making a 9.33s - officially the fastest 1/4 mile I've ever driven.

There are plenty of quirks when it comes to a Tesla, but there's no denying that the bang for buck and 1/4 mile achievements of what is effectively a family car, are really quite phenomenal! Thanks to Brooks for the run out, this was an eye opener.


Episode titleNew TESLA PLAID! My First Drive and Fastest 1/4 Mile Drag Races
Episode number1
Date added26 August 2021
Original date25 August 2021
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