New ABT RS6 Johann Abt Signature Edition SUPER WAGON! FIRST LOOK

Added on 11 Jun 2021

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Let's take a first look and drive in the new Abt RS6 'Johann Abt Signature Edition'! Celebrating the company's 125th anniversary, a limited run of 64 units will be made of this 800hp super-wagon finished with bespoke carbon fibre and incredible details!

Johann Abt lived to 64 years old hence the limited number to be made of this special edition RS6 to commemorate 125 years since the company was founded. Given the success of the modifications and tuning options for the Audi RS6 in recent years by Abt, and following the 1-of-12 120 Jahre edition 5 years ago, the newest model is the natural platform on which to make such a creation.

The 4.0l TT V8 is up to 800hp from 600hp, and 980Nm from 800Nm, helping to accelerate the agon from 0-100km/h (62mph) in sub 3 seconds, and 0-200km/h (124mph) in 9.8 seconds. The exterior is finished with a compete carbon fibre kit including bespoke coloured weave for the first time from Abt, as well as new wheels specific for the car, new springs, new exhaust, and more. Inside is a particularly special detail in the form of a small piece of Johann Abt's original anvil from the blacksmith days that started the company in the 1800s.

After a tour of the details, it's time to get out on the road for a first drive in the brand new car to share what it's all about!


Episode titleNew ABT RS6 Johann Abt Signature Edition SUPER WAGON! FIRST LOOK
Episode number1
Date added11 June 2021
Original date10 June 2021
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