My First Drive in the EXTREME Novitec F8 Tributo N-Largo!

Added on 22 Sept 2021

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Novitec dial it up with the F8 Tributo N-Largo! Based on the Ferrari F8 Tributo, the latest N-Largo model is up to 13cms wider, takes power to 818 horsepower, bumps up the sound and brings a whole new world of crazy to the table! Let's check it out and go for a drive.

The Novitec F8 Tributo N-Largo is limited to just 15 units, featuring the widebody conversion that's 7cms wider at the front and 13cms at the rear, new wheels, a totally new sports cat exhaust system, various additional carbon components, and a hike in the power from 720hp to 818hp thanks to the N-tronic system.

The N-Largo cars have always represented full wide conversions to popular supercar models and the F8 Tributo is no different, getting the full treatment with some exclusive touches. Replacing the engine cover we have a snorkel up top with a uniquely open view of the engine itself. Additionally it is fitted with bespoke door mirrors akin to those found on GT3 cars but still controlled with the normal switches. The F8 N-Largo sits lower than standard on new 21"/22" wheels alongside all of the exterior modifications.

However, after a walkaround to take a look, it's out onto the road for a first drive to experience what it's all about! Thanks for watching, Tim


Episode titleMy First Drive in the EXTREME Novitec F8 Tributo N-Largo!
Episode number1
Date added22 September 2021
Original date15 September 2021
Run time17:12


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