My First Drive in a FERRARI RACECAR! The 488 Challenge EVO

Added on 21 Jun 2021

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Dialing it up a notch! I'm at Donington Park for a first drive outing in the Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO, armed with plenty of aero and slick tyres, a full racing experience. After visiting the incredible display at the paddock, it's time to find out what this is about.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO takes the 488 GTB road car and turns everything up a significant notch; from the aero to stripped weight, adding slicks, and enhancing the experience in a true track supercar. Powered by the familiar 3.9l TT V8, it puts out 670hp with significant changes to mapping and driving dynamics, also featuring the manettinos with numerous modes and selections available.

The Ferrari Challenge race series' take place across the globe, but the UK is the only market to hold its own full calendar, featuring 5 races at circuits like Silverstone, Brands Hatch, and here at Donington Park. In addition to the action in the main 488 Challenge EVO race, the Ferrari Owner's Club continue to run the older Challenge cars, and a flurry of the current line-up are present in force.

In the paddock we can explore a number of new SF90 Stradales, Romas, F8 Tributos/Spiders, and the most stunning 812 GTS in Verde Zeltweg with a Cuoio interior. In act, the latter would be a spec I'd love to replicate on a future Ferrari in the garage! However, after a quick tour, the next stop is to visit the pit lane to explore the car I'm at Donington Park to drive, the updated 488 Challenge EVO.

When it comes to experiences, something like this is to another level; offering plenty more grip and driver involvement than a regular road supercar, but still in a way that's approachable and manageable. Thank you to Ferrari UK and the Ferrari Challenge for the opportunity to experience this! Who knows, it may not be the last time...


Episode titleMy First Drive in a FERRARI RACECAR! The 488 Challenge EVO
Episode number19
Date added21 June 2021
Run time17:26


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