My Ferrari SF90 Stradale Spec?! Assetto Fiorano Test Drive and Thoughts

Added on 21 Aug 2021

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It's nearly time to lock the spec for my upcoming Ferrari SF90 Stradale, but first let's check out the Assetto Fiorano! This SF90 with Banned Auto Group features the upgrade pack with track suspension and more aero, but time to find out if it's right for my car!

The Ferrari SF90 is a remarkable machine, offering hypercar performance and power for a 'supercar' price tag. It boasts 1,000hp from a 4.0l TT V8 combined with 3 electric motors and has such a smooth integration of the technology that it's really something very impressive. So much so that after my first drive, I promptly locked in an order and my spec lock date is fast approaching.

When it comes to track cars, my garage features quite an array of high downforce, stripped out machines, and a big appeal of the SF90 is to use it as a 'daily supercar' if such a phrase can ever be applied. That presents a discussion of choosing between the better looking Assetto Fiorano version or going for the standard that would be more usable realworld. The Assetto Fiorano, or Fiorano Package, includes specific Multimatic dampers for the track at the expense of the option to add a lift system.

Visually it adds the carbon rear lip spoiler, and enables the car to be optioned with the painted livery too. Inside there are carbon door cards and more track orientated spec options too. While all of this is wonderful, it's also very expensive (approx 10% of the car's price) and brings a harsher ride and less usability.


Episode titleMy Ferrari SF90 Stradale Spec?! Assetto Fiorano Test Drive and Thoughts
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