My AMG GT Black Series is in PIECES! Stripped Down for Painting

Added on 29 Aug 2021

The Shmeemobiles


There's no turning back now! My AMG GT Black Series is going through the respray process and it's shocking to see the brand new supercar totally stripped down like this. There's a long way to the end result in Solarbeam Yellow, but let's get an update on the progress so far!

For the journey up to Chartwell to check on the progress of the AMG GT Black Series, it's an outing for the Taycan Turbo S - and a bit of an experiment with a 250 mile trip and a range that's good for under 200 miles maximum. However, just as per my SLS Black Series a year and a half ago, the GT Black Series is going through the full transformation process to change it into Solarbeam - the choice I would have ordered from factory had it been an option.

On arrival, it's straight into the workshop to see my car quite literally in pieces. To do the complete respray requires the full bodywork to be removed, windows and glass to be taken out, some interior dismantled, and plenty more parts around the engine bay areas too. That means it's a bit of a shock to see it looking like this and in some ways a little painful, but also very exciting as to what is coming later on.

For the return leg in the Taycan, it's always a bit of a gamble as to what the charging experience will be like, but this was certainly quite the interesting experience!


Episode titleMy AMG GT Black Series is in PIECES! Stripped Down for Painting
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Date added29 August 2021
Original date28 August 2021
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