Installing New Custom Bucket Seats for My AMG GT R Roadster! Decat GT Black Series SURPRISE

Added on 14 Sept 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It's finally time to visit Opus with my AMG GT R Roadster to install the bucket seats! As well as checking out the weight savings, there's a surprise to check out the decat GT Black Series on the dyno, wow!

It was always the intention to upgrade the seats in my GT R Roadster to the same buckets as the GT R Coupe and also in my SLS Black Series and GT Black Series, however this was not an option directly from new. Late last year therefore, I ordered a set of seats which have been kept with Opus at the Nürburgring since, unfortunately not being possible to install them before now due to travel restrictions and scheduling clashes.

However, it's now the time to get this done! The process is not so simple as the electric steering column is also controlled by the same ECU as the driver seat, so removing it means additional ECUs and coding is required to make it all work. In the meantime, after seeing the extraordinary difference in weight of the bucket seat vs the standard AMG Performance Seat from 27kg to 12kg, we've also got the Opus GT Black Series is all about.

Opus have made the car decat to see the results, and give us an opportunity to hear the sound! On the dyno, it really allows the GT Black Series to sound as good as it looks, plus the added bonus of flames on every downshift!

Needless to say, I've now got some thinking to do about upgrades to my GT Black Series!


Episode titleInstalling New Custom Bucket Seats for My AMG GT R Roadster! Decat GT Black Series SURPRISE
Episode number1
Date added14 September 2021
Original date7 September 2021
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