I'm BUYING a Ferrari SF90! New Addition to the Shmeemobiles

Added on 10 Jul 2021

Supercar Test Drives


I'm very excited to reveal that I've ordered a new Ferrari SF90 Stradale to join the Shmeemobiles! The 1,000hp hybrid Italian supercar impressed me so much on a recent test drive that I've pulled the trigger and now it's time for the journey to begin.

At the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the impressive Ferrari lineup features both the SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider, the former wearing the Assetto Fiorano lightweight package. I've chosen for my new car to be the SF90 Stradale, but for this outing I'm Onboard the SF90 Spider with Rob Bath to experience what it's about.

The SF90 really impressed me with its technology and hybrid system; the 4.0l TT V8 working in harmony with 3 electric motors to produce 1,000hp and boasting insane performance along the way. The interior showcases a huge step forward in technology with the curved dashboard, touch control steering wheels and numerous lovely touches throughout.

However, what really appeals to me, is that while the SF90 is 'silly fast', it's actually relatively usable and also makes for a very engaging drive even at sensible road speeds. Having owned a number of Ferraris before, this will be my first ever new car from the world's most established supercar brand and I could not be more excited to get the journey under way!


Episode titleI'm BUYING a Ferrari SF90! New Addition to the Shmeemobiles
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Date added10 July 2021
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