I BOUGHT IT BACK! The Missing Car from My Collection is Home

Added on 23 Jul 2021

The Shmeemobiles


I can't believe it's really back! I recently tracked down the first ever Shmeemobile, my former Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, and now I've bought it back and it joins my collection at @The Shmuseum. I could not be more excited to bring back these memories!

Back in 2010, I bought this particular V8 Vantage Roadster as my first serious sports car having upgraded from my Audi S5 and it was then the first car to ever gain the nickname, the Shmeemobile. Not only that, but the first time I ever filmed a video speaking to camera for the Shmee150 channel was driving this very car through central London, my first experiment of a car review. As such, it's always been a very special car to me and having recently managed to find it, this was inevitable!

After coincidentally I made contact with the current owner, last month I drove out with the Vantage GT8, took my old Vantage for a drive, and expressed a desire to one day purchase it back should the opportunity ever be available. While it was not planned, the very kind owner made me an offer to buy it that I could not refused, and here we are, collection day to bring it home! Having just picked up the AMG GT Black Series, to put some miles on the clock it's the car of choice for the occasion, albeit with a very, very different V8 under the bonnet.

There are few words to really describe my excitement at the return of this car; after missing out on the purchase of my first ever car last year, I could not let this one slide by. It's really where Shmee150 began; the first road trips, the first supercar events, the first car spotting outings, all of which were filmed from this very car. While it might not see huge amounts of miles a year, for the collection it is a dream, a car to keep forever and cherish to the max.


Episode titleI BOUGHT IT BACK! The Missing Car from My Collection is Home
Episode number1
Date added23 July 2021
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