Ferrari Monza RECORD! 33x SP1 and SP2 in $80m Gathering at Car Week

Added on 16 Aug 2021

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Seeing one Ferrari Monza is special, but seeing 33 of them in a record gathering is truly spectacular! With many of the 500 models of the first Icona series car now delivered, Ferrari

USA have brought many of them together at Laguna Seca and exploring the Paddock before the parade lap gives us a wonderful opportunity to check them out. The Ferrari Monza is the first of 5 Icona Series models to be launch, limited to 500 units which split between the SP1 and SP2 designs depending on customer orders. Up front it features a 6.5l V12 making 820hp, combined with a completely open cabin for a truly involving driving experience and a link back to the original 750 Monza.

There are always amazing gatherings at Laguna Seca during Car Week at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion, but this surely is one of the very best. To put the icing on the cake, every single car wears a different spec due to the high level of customisation offered for the Monza customers. After walking through the paddock to take a look at every single car present, we can watch them head on out and enjoy the V12s flying passed on the famous race circuit.


Episode titleFerrari Monza RECORD! 33x SP1 and SP2 in $80m Gathering at Car Week
Episode number1
Date added16 August 2021
Original date15 August 2021
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