Driving a Pagani Zonda F at 200mph on the Autobahn FLAT OUT!

Added on 14 Sept 2021

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Never did I ever think I might get to drive a Pagani Zonda F absolutely flat out on the German Autobahn to 200mph! My crazy friend Mike @shinmikeyin has flown his Zonda to Europe and we couldn't resist the opportunity to take it out. What an absolute dream!

Earlier this year, I met up with Mike in California to film the Pagani Zonda R just as he took delivery and we then went out on track with it shortly thereafter. Well following in hot pursuit he also added the Zonda F to his collection along with the Huayra BC and Huayra Roadster! Quickly becoming the Pagani collector, with a Huayra R on order too, the Zonda F is a particularly stunning example.

It's one of 25 cars made, featuring the astonishing 7.3l NA V12 making almost 700hp and with a heavenly soundtrack, and crucially a manual gearbox too. Finished in blue paint over gold wheels, it both looks and sounds the part.

To bring it over to Europe, the team at Esser Automotive in Aachen, Germany helped with all the logistics last minute and got it in time for some events, so needless to say it's great to visit and see the fabulous current array, especially as they also represent Koenigsegg in this part of Germany. However, the run today is all about the derestricted Autobahn and a very rare opportunity to put the pedal to the metal and experience what the Pagani Zonda is all about!


Episode titleDriving a Pagani Zonda F at 200mph on the Autobahn FLAT OUT!
Episode number1
Date added14 September 2021
Original date13 September 2021
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