COLLECTING MY SLS! First Time My Black Series Trio are Together

Added on 7 Aug 2021

The Shmeemobiles


It's been far too long, but finally my SLS AMG Black Series returns to @The Shmuseum and brings my AMG Black Series trio together for the first time! With a first proper run out for the C63 Black Series, it's off to pick up the SLS and bring both back to join the GT Black Series.

Having bought the SLS Black Series around 1.5 years ago, it's had some amazing outings but during my visit to the US earlier this year it feel fowl to some component failures. Combining this with the immense delays to replacement parts at the moment, has meant that it's been gone for far too long but it's finally time to head to Avantgarde Automotive near Bristol to pick it back up.

For the outing, we're taking the new C63 AMG Black Series that I recently collected from Exclusive Autos, but to this point have not driven other than bringing it home from the collection day. A perfect outing therefore to enjoy one of the 6.2l V8s to go collect the other, and what a symphony they are together!

To top off the return of the Shmeemobile to the garage, is to finally put together my dream trio of the Black Series models for the first time; the most recent 3 of the 6 that have ever existed in the forms of the GT, SLS and C63. With hopes of the GT BS on the horizon, after adding the SLS BS to the collection, it was always in my hopes that one day I could add the C63 BS as well and having recently done that, it's truly special to now have them side by side at The Shmuseum.


Episode titleCOLLECTING MY SLS! First Time My Black Series Trio are Together
Episode number1
Date added7 August 2021
Original date6 August 2021
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