CHASING SUPERCARS! Car Spotting in My Vantage - Bringing Back the Memories

Added on 5 Aug 2021

Supercar Test Drives


Car spotting in London never disappoints; Pagani Huayra, LaFerrari, Aventador SVJ... you name it! It's a blast from the past, taking my original Shmeemobile, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster to roam the city streets to see what I can find.

My channel all began with car spotting in London, and back when I bought the Vantage the first time in 2010, I was often found enjoying the car and seeing what I could find on the streets of the capital. Fast forward a decade, and it's a return to the same, enjoying the car even more with the original 87 TB number plate re-installed, just as it was.

It turns out also to be a great day for spotting; finding both a Pagani Huayra Roadster and Ferrari LaFerrari, amongst a sea of supercars including multiple Lamborghini Aventador SVJs, Ferrari Pistas, Huracan Performantes and so much more.

Safe to say, I'm beyond excited to have returned my original Aston Martin to the collection, it's a very special car to now own again!


Episode titleCHASING SUPERCARS! Car Spotting in My Vantage - Bringing Back the Memories
Episode number1
Date added5 August 2021
Original date4 August 2021
Run time27:38


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