200mph in GerCollector's INSANE Opus GT Black Series P ONE Edition!

Added on 10 Sept 2021

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My friend @Gercollector has taken delivery of his brand new GT Black Series P ONE Edition, and already took it to Opus to give it a new exhaust system and 860 horsepower! Let's check it out, have a garage update, and go for a run on the Autobahn flat out!

The AMG GT Black Series is available exclusively for AMG ONE customers with the special hand painted P ONE Edition livery, mimicking the style found on the current Formula 1 cars. Optioned either in complete Obsidian Black, or a fade from Hi-tech Silver to black, GerCollector's car also features numerous further Petronas Green accents around the car to bring the livery through.

However, GerCollector has then taken the GT BS to Opus at the Nurburgring to upgrade it including sports-cats, a modified exhaust, blow-off valve, and of course a tune, all of which bring it from 730hp to a whopping 860hp! Needless to say it also now sounds more akin to how it looks, and has no problem on the Autobahn putting the power down effortlessly. With some tunnels at our disposal, and some seriously dramatic cracks and bangs from the exhaust, the point is made very quickly - this is something I am going to have to do to mine!


Episode title200mph in GerCollector's INSANE Opus GT Black Series P ONE Edition!
Episode number1
Date added10 September 2021
Original date9 September 2021
Run time20:49


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