180mph ROAD TRIP! Taking My Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 to the Autobahn

Added on 6 Sept 2021

Supercar Test Drives


Shmeemobile road trip time! First stop, the German Autobahn on an adventure with both the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 and Mercedes-AMG GT R Roadster. Setting off from @The Shmuseum, the two cars are loaded and ready for some fun ahead.

Having taken the GT R Roadster to Germany a few months ago, timings hadn't worked out for the installation of the bucket seats but finally it's possible to make that happen. Also, the Cayman GT4 is yet to venture to the Nurburgring, a right of passage for any new addition to the collection, so that's certainly in the works too.

!! REMUS GT3 Championship !!

Team Shmee150 is taking part in the worldwide virtual REMUS GT3 Championship 2021. You can qualify to be one of the 14 sim racers who will join the team up until 16th September.

There's a prize pool of €25,000 with €10,000 cash plus €15,000 in non-cash prizes like a REMUS exhaust system and of course the prestige of winning is on the line. Together we'll race against Team Malmedie, lead by Matthias Malmedie, the presenter of German TV program Grip.


Episode title180mph ROAD TRIP! Taking My Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 to the Autobahn
Episode number1
Date added6 September 2021
Original date4 September 2021
Run time19:10


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