The RAM TRX is the Ultimate SUPER TRUCK!

Added on 15 Mar 2021

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There are trucks, and then there's the new RAM 1500 TRX! With the engine from the Hellcat, it's a super truck with 702bhp and seriously aggressive looks that won't let anything get in the way. Let's check it out and go for a drive to see whether the T-Rex meets the hype.

Somehow managing still to do the 0-60mph spring in just 4.5 seconds, this is no ordinary pickup truck. The engine is the 6.2l supercharged unit found in Dodge's Charger and Challenger Hellcat models that also recently found its way into the Durango, and now the RAM TRX, boasting 702bhp and a top speed with 35" off-road tyres rated to 118mph, as well as a 12.9s 1/4 mile time.

Heading out into the mountains from Denver, Colorado, let's take a full look around the exterior and interior of the car before getting on the roads. With some light dirt tracks and snow at our disposal, it's compulsory to give the Baja mode a go along the way while taking in the characteristics of this beast.


Episode titleThe RAM TRX is the Ultimate SUPER TRUCK!
Episode number1
Date added15 March 2021
Original date14 March 2021
Run time19:43


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