Model 3 | CHAdeMO Finally Works! (testing on development software)

Added on 10 Sept 2020


Kyle takes a Model 3 on super secretive testing software to see if CHAdeMO truly works on Model 3. We know internally Tesla has been testing CHAdeMO functionality for awhile on Model 3, but it’s now making its way to the public. This is an early test to show that it actually works! As the software rolls out, we expect more charging stations to validate the Model 3 charging and allow for the car to seamlessly integrate with their networks. Although the Model 3 did not work with Electrify America today, it doesn’t mean it won’t when the software is released to the public… Don’t draw any conclusions on that, we will test it then!


Episode titleModel 3 | CHAdeMO Finally Works! (testing on development software)
Episode number17
Date added10 September 2020
Original date15 July 2019
Run time4:22
CategoryFeature magazine

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