This Will Destroy The Value Of My Porsche GT3!

Added on 25 Aug 2020


This is my Porsche GT3 first major service and after I'm aiming to take it to 100,000 miles - of which I'm certain will destroy the value of the car! But I don't really mind - this Porsche is here to stay and I'll share all significant moment with you along the way...

The 991 GT3 is fitted with a now iconic motorsport developed 500hp 4.0L flat six cylinder engine that revs to 9,000rpm! This car is a manual GT3 which actually makes it a little lighter than the PDK version and, for me at least, makes it more engaging at road speeds.

Let the road to 100,000 miles begin!


Episode titleThis Will Destroy The Value Of My Porsche GT3!
Episode number48
Date added25 August 2020
Original date17 August 2020
Run time11:30
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