NEW CAR DAY! My 'New' Aston Martin DBS V12 Manual!

Added on 25 Aug 2020


This is the Aston Martin DBS - the first modern classic to join the channel and one of my dream cars! The Aston Martin DBS is a 2008/2009 naturally aspirated V12 manual developing 510bhp - it was made instantly famous after featuring in the Daniel Craig James Bond film - Casino Royale - and I've loved it ever since! Growing up with my uncle embedded in the world of Aston Martin I've loved the brand from a very early age so, today is a very special day to be sharing with you!


Episode titleNEW CAR DAY! My 'New' Aston Martin DBS V12 Manual!
Episode number42
Date added25 August 2020
Original date29 July 2020
Run time15:12
CategoryFeature magazine


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