Episode 5 - FW14B-Renault, Red Bull Front Wing and John Barnard


Rapid Tech


A packed episode of RapidTech this month features some of the greatest names in F1 history: John Barnard, who has just published a biography after stellar careers at Chaparral, McLaren, Ferrari and Benetton, talks exclusively to Craig Scarborough about some of the ground-breaking designs that resulted in race and championship wins. And we focus on the Williams FW14B-Renault - perhaps the most technically-advanced F1 car of all time. Also in this episode: Craig Scarborough selects an F1 power-steering system from his personal workshop in order to explain its workings in the studio; there's a 3D animation analysis of Red Bull's recent front wing development; and Julia Piquet continues her glossary of tech terms with a detailed look at "hybrid" and "ignition"

About this program:Rapid Tech
Episode title:Episode 5 - FW14B-Renault, Red Bull Front Wing and John Barnard
Episode number:5
Run time:24:52
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