Which Electric Vehicle Technology is Best? [Podcast: Tech Talk #1]

Added on 5 Nov 2020


Welcome to a new podcast series from InsideEVs investigating the technical side of electrification. For Episode #1 we ask what the future could look like. Matthias Brendel, Business Field Leader Electrification at AVL, provides exclusive insights into the various forms of electrification. What are the current technologies which are realistic options and will there be one 'winner' or will we end up with a mix of technologies? Can there be several winners based on use-cases? What are BEVs up against to match the efficiency of combustion, and the energy stored in fossil fuels? How energy dense are batteries and how much more is there to come from battery storage technology? For answers to these and other questions listen to the new InsideEVs podcast series presented by AVL.


Episode titleWhich Electric Vehicle Technology is Best? [Podcast: Tech Talk #1]
Episode number1
Date added5 November 2020
Run time32:57

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