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World Trials Britain 1987


Duke Classics - Bike Trials


The 1987 World Trials Championship moved to Merthyr Tydfil, Wales for the British Round. First round winner Luis Gallach (Mecatecno) and second round conqueror Gabino Renales (Gas-Gas) had shocked the trials world but Thierry Michaud and Steve Saunders (Fantics) were not letting that worry them. Former champion Eddy Lejeune (Honda) could not be discounted. Saunders was in top form, in spite of having swapped from four stroke Honda to two stroke Fantic in between. There was plenty of opportunity for the sharply honed skills of the top riders to be fully exercised and this video misses none of the bravado as the bikes were induced to go where mountain goats feared to tread.

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