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This Is Advanced 4WD


Duke Classics - Off Road


If you enjoy a challenge and would like to learn from the experts, then this video is for you! Travel to the extreme outer limits of four-wheel-driving in an action-packed and fascinating programme which transports you into the rugged, tough and physically taxing world of advanced off-road ‘recreation’.

Superb close-ups and edge-of-the-seat on-board footage take you right to the edge – and sometimes right over it! You’ll discover first-hand just how punishing a pursuit this is, and just how extraordinary the skills of the off-road legends are.

You’ll explore advanced techniques as a top off-road expert puts on a virtuoso display of 4WD driving, letting you discover the best way to tackle demanding terrain, including treacherous rock-lined quarries.

There’s incredible footage of rugged off-roaders being pushed to the limit in races and trials, with leading competitors offering a unique inside perspective on the sport and the All-wheel Drive Club travelling to the harshest landscape on Earth for competition safaris.

Plus, meet the ‘toughest of the tough’ on the spectacular Camel Trophy and try to hang in there with the Simmonite sisters on the ultra-demanding Superwinch Rally.

This is off-road adventure without compromise!

ChannelDuke Classic Videos
ProgramDuke Classics - Off Road
Episode titleThis Is Advanced 4WD
Episode number1
Run time55:32

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