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Daytona 500 1982


Duke Classics - Daytona 500


NASCAR' is the definitive American Motorsport - 200mph versions of stock saloon cars race for one million dollars in prize money. The spectacle, particularly on the famous banked track at Daytona, is unique in the international world of motorsport. To win Daytona you need to be able to cover 500 miles at an average speed, including pitstops of 180mph! You also need to be able to avoid some of the most devastating high speed crashes witnessed anywhere. This film of the opening round of the Winston NASCAR series features Bobby Allison in the Di-Gard Buick on his way to picking up $307,000 in individual prize money. The amazing action also includes a six car pile up and vivid commentary from the drivers taking part.

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ProgramDuke Classics - Daytona 500
Episode titleDaytona 500 1982
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Run time44:29
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