$800 E-Locker vs. $4000 Air Lockers

Added on 30 Aug 2021



$4000 front and rear pneumatic locking differential vs. $1300 used OEM e-locker. They're both better than an open diff, but which one is MORE better?

Does We bought two identical Toyota Tacomas, and we’ve been modifying them to be fun, daily drivers that you can take literally anywhere, except the ocean. One Taco gets expensive parts, and one gets cheap parts. Then we test them, to see which components are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Your differential allows your wheels to spin at different speeds, which is great for taking corners and regular street driving. But when driving off road, if one tire loses traction- horsepower takes the path of least resistance, causing a bunch of tire spin. One way to stop this from happening is by temporarily locking your differential, or differentialssss if you have an 4wd vehicle.

Hi Truck is getting both front and rear ARB pneumatic locking differentials, aka: Air Lockers. Because this system is pneumatic, it also requires the purchase of a compressor system, which will be convenient if we have to air down our tires. All together the entire kit costs $4,157.

Low Truck on the other hand is getting a used OEM Toyota Electronic Locker: aka an e-locker. And only on the rear axle. This is the locker that came from the factory if you were to upgrade at the time of purchase. But if you’ve bought a used truck that didn’t come with the factory locker, you can find a complete axle assembly, differential included, for about $800.

However, you’ll usually also have to get a new front differential so that the gearing matches up, and a wiring harness which would bring our total up to $1300.


Episode title$800 E-Locker vs. $4000 Air Lockers
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