Is At-Home Powdercoating Worth It?

Added on 16 Mar 2022

DIY or Don't


If the title was too vague and cryptic for you, we are doing some powdercoating today. we try a DIY method to powder coat at home with a regular household oven and parts from your local hardware store. if that wasn't enough, we take a trip to visit a professional powder coating shop and take a look at all the fancy shiny tools that Zach Jobe doesn't get to use. sure, a blast cabinet, chemical stripping tank, and $9000 powder coating gun would be helpful, but when have we ever made Zach's ife easy? Nevertheless, Zach is stacking his DIY powder coating skills up against the pro for your enjoyment. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!


Episode titleIs At-Home Powdercoating Worth It?
Episode number1
Date added16 March 2022
Run time17:51
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