The Sprint Race | Power Unit 2025 | Ferrari setup Silverstone

Added on 14 Jul 2021

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F1 inaugurates the Sprint Race at Silverstone - precisely where the first GP took place 71 years ago.

It'a a revolution in the race format with qualifying on Friday, a 100km sprint race on Saturday and the GP on Sunday. A new racing format that will be replicated in 2 other events despite dffering opinions starting with the FIA President Jean Todt.

The constructors gathered in Austria began to draw the first guidelines about the 2025 PU. Starting from a clean sheet F1 now has the unique opportunity to address the future technical choices of the car manufacturers.

The Silverstone high speed corners require a load balanced on both axis and a well distributed support on the tyres. Two weak points of the SF21 which make an aero penalizing performance compromise necessary.


Episode titleThe Sprint Race | Power Unit 2025 | Ferrari setup Silverstone
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Date added14 July 2021
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