Styria GP Review | Ferrari post Styria

Added on 30 Jun 2021

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Red Bull and Mercedes hide merely some small technical differences in their structure and systems but in an F1 more and more exasperated , this becomes a discriminating factor in the race result. The sixth and seventh place collected by Sainz and Leclerc in Austria represents Ferraris true potential in normal track conditions, without considering the pole positions achieved on street-circuits. Norris is once again the reference driver of McLaren. He has understood its technical setting and how to use the different setups to extract 100% of the potential in every race phase, but most of all he stole from Ricciardo the role of leader of the technical development of the car, which now evolves and improves in function of his personal drive-style. After the “bendy” wing and the tyres pressures, new rules are coming in order to slow the pit stops down. Chris Horner is clear and believes that this new FIA venture is just another assault made by Mercedes on Red Bull. Ferrari where are you? With the eighth round of the season done and dusted, the red car is but a big question mark, for the observers and for the people who watch it closely.


Episode titleStyria GP Review | Ferrari post Styria
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