Austria GP Review | Austria Brakes | Silverstone New Tyres

Added on 7 Jul 2021

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Mercedes is living a technical crisis as never before in the Power Unit era. Hamilton, only 4th in Austria, describes his car as slow and gradually losing contact with Red Bull, and the McLaren is a real danger. In Austria Ferrari has reversed its trend which was a qualifying session with a competitive car and a slow race pace, showing a quite improved pace and being able to recover up to fifth place. The Austrian circuit is considered one of the most severe for the braking system with three braking zones over 5G in the first 20” of the lap time. The braking and cooling power are the most important parameters that engineers need to control. The Red Bull Ring braking produces an exceptional thermal impact on the brakes. Pirelli’s. new rear-tyre construction improving, even more, the actual safety standards are set to be raced at Silverstone. He arrived in F1 with a dream and an F2 world title, but pretty rapidly Lando Norris has shown that he is so much more


Episode titleAustria GP Review | Austria Brakes | Silverstone New Tyres
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