Ferrari F8 Tributo Review: Pushing Street Limits

Added on 30 Mar 2022

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Thanks to turbocharging and clever hybrid systems, speed isn't enough anymore to make a great poster car. Instead, the vehicles that stand out now are those that manage to pull on the driver's heartstrings. Whether it be because of their sharp looks or intoxicating sound, these six-figure machines have to offer more than ever while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of that road-doing performance vehicles can do.

Enter this week's tester, the #Ferrari #F8 #Tributo, the latest in a long line of V8-powered machines wearing the prancing horse. Thanks to its aero-focused design, top-notch performance, and rewarding driving experience, the F8 is a car that wakes up all of your senses. However, one of the most exciting aspects of this supercar is not how it behaves at full throttle but instead how it invites its driver to rack up miles.

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Episode titleFerrari F8 Tributo Review: Pushing Street Limits
Episode number1
Date added30 March 2022
Run time10:36
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