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01:00Starting grid

Introduction to the grid


Spectators truly make a "day" of Le Mans.

02:49Off-track action

Prince Nicolas of Romania is disqualified for premature refuelling. Alfa take control.

03:10Back to racing

Raymond Sommer slips down the standings - the Alfas fight between themselves while others trail.

03:40Technical feature

Alfa technical specs put them well ahead of the competition.


Spectators look to see if the Alfa team can complete a Le Mans hat trick.

06:12Race action

6 competitors drop out with technical problems at this point.

06:31Off-track action

ACO hosts a dinner regarding the situation between trains and automobiles

07:40Race finish

Nuvolari overtakes in the final laps, and Sommer and team bring it home for an Alfa clean sweep.


Start of the 1934 Le Mans - bigger stands, more teams and drivers this year.

11:47Pit stop

First pit stops take place while the dignitaries from Paris and the sporting world enjoy hospitality.

12:39Race finish

The Brits cant keep up, so Alfa takes it again.

1933-34 24 Hours of Le Mans

Added on Jun 18, 1933
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